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Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday


McDonnell Douglas
F-15A Eagle

Single Seat All Weather Air Superiority Tractical Fighter

McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle

Service History

  • Delivered: 6/30/1979
  • 6/1979 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), Elgin AFB, FL
  • 11/1980 Air Development Test Center (AF Systems Command), Elgin AFB, FL
  • 9/1987 405th Tactical Training Wing (TAC), Luke AFB, AZ
  • 1991 325th Tactical Training Wing (TAC), Tyndall AFB, FL
  • 1992 325th Fighter Wing (Air Combat Command), Tyndall AFB, FL
  • 1994 325th Fighter Wing (Air Education and Training Command), Tyndall AFB, FL
  • Stricken: 4/1995

To attain superiority in air-to-air combat the pilot must detect, evade, attack and destroy the enemy. The F-15 Eagle with its incredible acceleration, maneuverability, multi-mission avionics, range and weaponry has this ability. The F-15 soared passed its competition to outperform all other aircraft and to become the air superiority fighter with a combat record of 101 victories to zero losses.

The F-15 has the ultimate fighter pilot cockpit, its large elevated area and bubble canopy give the pilot a nearly waist high 360-degree visibility. The F-15 was the first air-to-air fighter with a self-contained Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS). Technology took a quantum leap in the F-15 with the installation of the APG-63 radar, featuring semi-auto dogfight mode, look-down/shoot-down, range/track while scanning, range/track while searching and Sparrow illumination modes. The integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD) features basic flight information, plus the target, status, range, closure rate, G-load, Mach speed, ammunitions count and more.

Statistically most AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) damage occurs to the rear of the aircraft, this makes the center fuselage the home of nearly 90% of the avionics/systems. The forward and main fuselage is constructed mainly of aluminum while the aft section is mainly titanium with honeycomb fillers, the skins are boron epoxy composite.

This F-15 originally cost 28 million dollars. It was acquired by Yanks in 2011.