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General Dynamics
F-16B Fighting Falcon

Two Seat All Weather Multi-role Fighter

General Dynamics F-16B Fighting Falcon

Service History of 80-0633

  • 11/1981 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Paci c Air Forces), Kunsan AB Korea
  • 3/1983 56th Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command) Macdill AFB FL
  • 2/1990 184th Tactical Training Group (Air National Guard) McConnell, AFB KS
  • 1991 6510th Test Wing (AF Systems Command) Edwards AFB CA
  • 1993 412th Test Wing (AF Material Command) Edwards AFB CA
  • 1994 412th Logistics Group (AFMC) Edwards AFB CA
  • 2011 Acquired by Yanks from Sheppard AFB TX

Conceived as a response to lessons learned in the war in Vietnam, the F-16 has emerged as one of the most successful and popular aircraft in the history of the US Air Force. Known for its versatility as a multirole fighter, the F-16 achieved its greatest fame as the personal aircraft of the USAF elite demonstration team, the Thunderbirds. Born out of the Lightweight Fighter Program begun in the 1960’s, the F-16 quickly expanded beyond its role as an Air Superiority Fighter to become one of the most capable and versatile aircraft in the history of the USAF and is often affectionately referred to as the “Viper” by pilots and crews.

Representing a great leap in aircraft design, the F-16 can be equipped with a variety of weapons systems capable of engaging targets in the air and on the ground while the pilot is assisted by an onboard flight control system utilizing “ y-by-wire” technology which grants the aircraft its famed maneuverability. These characteristics have contributed to the widespread popularity of the design thus ensuring the F-16’s use by no less than 26 nations and its continued service well into the 21st century.

This aircraft was serving at Sheppard AFB as a ground maintenance training tool before being acquired by Yanks in 2011 and detailed to represent the #8 aircraft of the Thunderbirds.