Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Aircraft flown in the 1989 Hollywood film ‘Always’ bought by Yanks Air Museum

(Photo by Ron LaBorn)

Read the original full article at SourceOne written by Source ONE News staff on Nov. 27, 2023

On Nov. 3rd, 2023, Yanks Air Museum of Chino, California bought the airborne antique PBY Catalina in an auction from Port of Ephrata. The PBY Catalina has been a historic piece of relic at the Port of Ephrata since it was cast in the 1989 Hollywood film ‘Always’. Since flown in the film, the “flying boat” had sat idle, exposed to the elements, and rendered inoperable. Yanks Air Museum will fully restore and retrofit the plane with parts from another PBY Catalina and will be a static display at the museum. The PBY Catalina was sold for $32,000 at the auction and all proceeds goes to the state.

PBY Catalina sold by Port of Ephrata shown in above scene of 1989 film ‘Always