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Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

1919-1938 / GOLDEN ERA

Waco GXE

Three Seat Open Cockpit Biplane

Waco Aircraft GXE

Service History
No service history available

Originally known as the Waco 10, this was the most numerous of any model built by Waco and known for its excellent handling. Capable of a variety of uses from training and aeronautics to charters, this aircraft was loved and regarded as “just about the best airplane of its day”.

The model 10 had the typical welded chrome-moly construction, with spruce spars and an easy access entrance door for the passengers who sat side-by-side in the front seat. The entire engine was tightly cowled, giving it a neat appearance while allowing easily removable for maintenance and inspection. Originally available in the “Benz gray” (a greenish color) with sliver wings, later models were available with a blue, green or maroon fuselage and silver wings. Waco aircraft continued to produce this model into 1930 when the supply of surplus OX-5 engines ran out.

The Waco Aircraft Co started life as Weaver Aircraft Company of 1919. Waco later became well known for the Hadrian troop glider of WWII. Many Waco aircraft are still flying today, a tribute to the aircrafts familiar characteristics and the loyal following of the Waco line.

Acquired by Yanks in 2012.