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Open: 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday


US Army Jeep

4WD Light Utility Convertible Vehicle

US Army Jeep at Yanks Air Museum

MFG: Willys Overland MB& Ford Motor GPW
Built In: Toledo, Ohio
Engine: Go Devil I-4 or I-6
Trans: 3-spd + reverse
Transfer: Dana T-84 2-spd
Weight: 2,293 lbs.
No Built: 640,000 std(1941-45)
Body Style: 2 door
Wheelbase: 80”
Length: 131”
Width: 62”
Height: 52” or 72”

Dwight D. Eisenhower identified the Jeep as one of four items that led the U.S. to victory in WWII. With more than a half-million jeeps built during the war, the rugged Jeep saw service in every major theater. Its size, weight and 4WD capabilities made it so versatile that it was used for everything from transporting personnel and equipment to evacuating litters of wounded.

The Ford model designation for Government-Passenger vehicle or GP (GeeP) is believed to be the origins of the name “Jeep”, the W was added to signify the Willys design. The Jeep was as well regarded by the rich and famous as it was by our GI’s. Madame Chiang Kai-shek toured Cairo in a jeep, with Gen Claire Chennault as her chauffeur. Queen Elizabeth, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Gen. George S. Patton all used the jeep.

The Jeep continued in military service until the 1980’s when it was replaced by the HMMWV (Humvee). Today the Jeep is an iconic part of American history and a symbol of American engineering and industrial power.