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Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

1919-1938 / GOLDEN ERA

Taylor Cub J-2

Two Seat Light Sport Cabin Monoplan

Taylor J-2 Cub

Service History
No service history available

The Cub began as a “poor-mans airplane”. With $490 down and a year to pay the balance, a good pilot could start his own flying school. There was soon a Cub on every field and if not one, there were so many Cubs that the fields were described as “Cubville’ or “Cub Country”.

Taylor built the original E-2 Cub, but it was the pleas for improvement that created the J-2 Cub, “a sweet little airplane”. The new wider gear, better value, appearance and removable cabin sides for that “open cockpit feel” made it more popular than ever. Simple and fun to fly, everyone wanted a Cub.

The new orders poured in and by the end of 1936 over 550 Cubs had rolled out the door. The sky was the limit at Taylor Aircraft when a fire devastated the plant in 1937. Some jigs and dies were saved and some construction continued in and around the airfield. Air Associates of Long Beach, CA began to build the “Western Cub”. Finally in 1937 the plant was relocated to Lock Haven, PA and the name was changed to Piper Aircraft. This was the beginning of the Piper Cub series. Acquired by Yanks in 2012.