Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

1919-1938 / GOLDEN ERA

Porterfield Aircraft
Model 35 Flyabout

Two Seat Light Cabin Monoplane

Porterfield Aircraft Model 35 Flyabout

Service History
Delivered: May 1936

This was a brand new aircraft, but the name Ed Porterfield brought confidence and interest to the product. First introduced at Detroit air show in 1935, the Flyabout was promoted with free flight lessons and greeted with enthusiasm.

This slender little body could handle its share of the business, cheap to buy, to fly and it could take a beating, making it a profitable endeavor for most companies.

The orders poured in, pick up and fly away deliveries were the most common. New owners bragged “it’s a hellav-a-lot of plane for $1695” at every stop on the way home.

Standard equipment items were the propeller, dual controls, fire-extinguisher, pre-wire for navigation lights, fuel gauge, spring-leaf tailskid and first-aid kit. Optional extras were; wheel brakes, tail wheel, metal wheel pants, battery, navigation lights and an air speed indicator.

Acquired by Yanks in 2013, the restoration was completed in 2014.