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Open: 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

1919-1938 / GOLDEN ERA

Mutual Aircraft
X-87-M Blackbird

Two Seat Open Cockpit Biplane

Mutual Aircraft X-87-M Blackbird

Service History
No service history available

This is the original Blackbird aircraft and the only aircraft built by Mutual Aircraft Service. In 1929, Mutual Aircraft’s owner and pilot, A. H. Fefelle began construction of this prototype biplane.

Andrew S. Fodor, a student, invested heavily in Mutual Aircraft and purchased the Blackbird. With the help of his brothers the Kansas City factory was closed and relocated to Norwalk, CT to begin mass production. During the relocation, the Blackbird was ground looped at Keller’s farm and stored in the Fodor’s barn for rebuilding.

The hopes and dreams of Mutual Aircraft soon faded, like so many small aircraft companies that sprung up after Lindbergh’s solo flight, and vanished with the Great Depression.

The Blackbird lay undisturbed for many years until discovered by a locksmith servicing vaults at the Fodor farm in 1994. The Blackbird’s restoration was complete when it was acquired by Yanks in 2005.