Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday


MIG-27 Flogger D

UAV / Target Drone

MIG-27 Flogger D at Yanks Air Museum

MFG: RS Systems
Built In: Beltsville, MD
First Flight: 1979
Powerplant: 1-5 kW 0.6 cu in.
Service Ceiling:
Top Speed:
Wingspan: 5’ 5”
Empty Weight: 7 lbs
Length: 5’ 8”
Number Built: 30,000

This is basically a small light RC model aircraft, similar to the first Radioplane drone. It was hand launch and controlled with a handheld device. This original Radio Controlled “Miniature” Aerial Target (RCMAT) was built to supplement the more expensive and sophisticated drones like the Firebee.

Given the US Army’s designation FQM-117A, this inexpensive, foam body, piston-engine, delta wing drone was used for attack with small arms, using 20-40 mm gun systems. Fitted with an infra-red (IR) based device, the integrated laser-scoring system replaced practice with live bullets.

This drone was a 1/9th scale model of the Mig 27 aircraft. In the 1980’s B model conversion, alternate nose and tail appendages were used for aircraft recognition purposes. During this augmentation the Tactical Hit Indicators (THI) Flash-bang smoke and fire-back lasers were also implemented.