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Open : 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday

1939-1945 / WORLD WAR II ERA

UC-40A Electra Jr.

Utility Transport - Two Pilot and Six Passengers

Lockheed UC-40A Electra Jr.

Service History

  • Delivered: Feb 22, 1939 – Kelley Field, TX
  • Mar 1938 – Barksdale Field, LA
  • July 1939 – Maxwell Field, AL
  • Oct 1939 – Selfridge Field, IL
  • March 1940 – Wright Field, OH
  • April 1940 – 27th Pursuit Sqd GHQ Air Force, Selfridge Field, IL
  • Sept 1941 – Mitchell 1st AAF, NY
  • Feb 1942 – Wrecked at Mitchell, tractor collided with parked A/C
  • Feb 1943 – Birmingham AAF, AL
  • March 1943 – Mobile, AL Air Depot
  • Oct 1944 – 343rd Base AAF (Brookley AAF, AL Key AAF – MS)
  • Jan 19, 1945 – Bush Field, Augusta, GA stricken and disposed

This glistening, low wing, monoplane was the fi rst twin engine built by Lockheed. Also the fi rst all metal airplane, the C-40 (model 12-A) was the fastest transport airplane in the world. It could out-climb and out-fl y any other twin, it handled nicely, had power to spare and pilots liked to fl y it.

Night crossings and poor terrain were restricted to twin aircraft in 1934, this created a need for the new Electra.

Big and small businesses like the advantage of landing in many small town airports. Many options were offered including: auto pilot, partitions, plush seats, couch, lavatory, desk and typewriter.

The most famous 10E Electra was purchased by Purdue University, for Amelia Earhart. She and the airplane vanished July 3, 1937 during her around the world fl ight.

This UC-40A was obtained by Yanks in 1998 and its restoration was completed in 2006.

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