Hoover has thrilled millions of men, women and children over the last five decades with his acrobatic flying maneuvers.

He has flown more than 300 types of aircraft and flight tested or flown nearly every type of fighter aircraft.

During WWII, he flew 58 missions before being shot down and spent 16 months as a POW.

After the war, he was in the Flight Evaluation Group at Wright Field, Ohio, where he flew captured aircraft and the latest USAF aircraft.

Alternate pilot for the Bell X-1, Hoover flew the P-80 Shooting Star chase plane as close friend Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier on Oct. 14, 1947.

Hoover was the first man to fly the XFJ-2 Fury and the Navy’s T-28 trainer.

In 1978, he set three climb-to-altitude records at Hannover Air Show in West Germany.

And in 1985, he set a coast-to-coast record flying a P-51 Mustang from Daytona Beach to Los Angeles in five hours and 20 minutes.