Republic F-84E Thunderjet

By 1945, Alexander Kartveli, had developed a jet version of his very successful P-47 Thunderbolt design.  The prototype XP-84 first flew in 1946.

The F-84 Thunderjet was the first jet fighter to fly across the Atlantic and the first jet fighter with air to air refueling.  The F-84 was also the first USAF jet fighter to carry tactical nuclear weapons.

Entering service in 1947, the F-84 was used in Korea, replacing the P-51 and F-80 Shooting Star.

The F-84 was initially to escort the B-29 bomber.  With the debut of the F-86, the Thunderjet was relegated to spend most of its career in the bomber role and was very successful in the destruction of dams, bridges, railroads, supply depots and other ground strike targets.

In all, 7,889 aircraft left the assembly lines, nearly half would serve with allied countries. The final variant F-84F saw a drastic change with the adoption of the swept wing and entered service in 1954.

This F-84E was acquired by Yanks on June 30, 1999.

Own United States  Starfighter Hangar
 Fighter Steel Early Jets
1945 – 1975
MFG: Republic Aviation
First Produced: 1947
Number Built: 7,524 (743 total E models)
Armament: (6) .50 caliber machine guns, 2,000 lbs of bombs or napalmAcquired by Yanks in 1999
Wingspan: 36 ft 5 in
Wing Area: 260 sq ft
Length: 38 ft 6 in
Height: 12 ft 7 in
Empty Weight: 11,460 lbs
Gross Weight: 22,460 lbs
Powerplant: (1) Allison J35-A-17D
Thrust: 4,000 lbs
Cruise Speed: 483 mph 
Maximum Speed: 606 mph
Range: 1,485 miles with tanks
Delivered: February 21, 1950

February 1950 – 27th FW (SAC) Bergstrom AFB, TX
September 1950 – 36th FBW USAFE Furstenfeldbruck AB, West Germany and deployed to Gibelstadt AB, West Germany, Wheelus AB Libya, Metz AB France, Bitburg AB and Erding AB both in West Germany
August 1953 – 59th Air Depot Wing USAFE RAF Renfew, UK
January 1954 – Mobile Air Mat Area, Brookley AFB, AL
February 1954 – 3600th FTW (ATC) Luke AFB, AL
July 1955 – 3040th A/C Storage SQD (AMC) Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
April 1956 – Oklahoma City Air May Center, Tinker AFB, OK
May 1956 – 173rd FIS (ANG) Lincoln AP, NE
August 1956 – 124th FIS (ANG) Des Moine AP, IA

Stricken: October 1958